McHale Fusion 2 Panels Only

McHale Fusion 2 Panels Only

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Scale 1.32 


Width: 123mm 

Long: 90mm  

Height: 70mm 

Weight:  70g 

We make Fusion 2 panels to fit the USK Fusion 3 model 

 The panels are made from brass etchings round tubes all soldered together, finished in 2 pack paint. 

The panels open up to reveal all the workings of the machine and plastic wrap. 

To fit the panels to the model, you will need to take off the original panels and cut the bars that they were mounted to. 

The plastic panel at the front will have to be shortened slightly see photo. 

The plastic wrap has to be cut off, leave 4 roles together and one separate, repeat this on both sides.  

The Fusion 2 panels are all one piece and fit in place from the top.  

When the panels are in position, push the brass pin (supplied) through the hole on the rear orbital unit on the model, then through the 2 holes in the plastic role holder box, and finally fits in position at the plastic hole in the front compartment. 

Glue in the 4 rolls of plastic and brass bar at the same time. 

If you choose the smaller wheels just twist and pull off the original wheels and push on the new wheels onto the original axel, some wheels may need glue to hold them in place. 


Available late February or March

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