All wheels sold in pairs,  

      We are continuously perfecting our wheels as we learn more about the proses, 

      Our first wheels had mold and cast rims but keeping the center hole for the axel was difficult, we are now 3d printing the rims, you may receive a cast rim as we will be selling these until they are all gone some of these will require drilling for the axel. 

      Tyers are made from RUBBER 

      You can choose to have the rim, center hubs and nuts painted, 

      Painting discounts are available on orders over 10 pairs of wheels please contact us for more details. 

      We can provide you with K&S Brass tubes for axels we use 2mm brass round tube and 3mm outer round tube for making axels. 

      If we don’t have a size you need please contact us and we can see if it is viable to produces it, if you have a 3d drawing of a wheel you would like made we can also do this for you. 

      We can put any name on the side of a tyer on orders over 100 pairs wheels. 

      10 products

      10 products