We Do Not Make Toys! all models are not for playing with they are strictly for display only.


Perfect-32 is in business over 10 years, making models for collectors of farm machinery, we also make limited run models that have been commissioned by companies or by ourselves, each model can come with a numbered plaque and wooden or cardboard boxes, lead times can vary so please understand that these models take time do design and make, complex models will take longer to produce.  


Over the last 10 years we have learned a lot about model making and have seen the trends change, we no longer modify or make any trucks or lorries, we are concentrating on agricultural models as we feel we understand the machines better and have made good contacts with the manufactures of farm machinery. 


In 2020 we have also moved with the times by investing in state of the art 3D resin printers and are now growing our 3d printed line of models, this will add some finer details to some already brilliant models, they may not be as strong as brass built models but if you are looking for a shelf display model it will have the exact same effect, this will ultimately reduce the cost to you our loyal customers. 


Don’t worry we will still be producing our brass line of models also; it will be clearly out lined in the description of the model what is printed and what will be hand built in brass. 


In 2019 we started to mold and cast our very own line of wheels with real rubber tyres, this was pronominally for our own models but we also now make them to sell, we hope to grow the range of models in the coming years, if you have a specific wheel or model that you would like to cast please get in contact we would love to help, we currently only cast resin or rubber, we hope to be able to cast brass in the future. 

We mainly make models from brass sections pipes, rods and sheets from K&S Metals in Chicago, we also design our own brass etchings for models to make any difficult repetitive shapes and get that finer detail that just cant be got any other way. 

We solder all Brass parts together using various high grade solder. 

We use an etch primer and 2 pack paint that would be used on the real machine, we have small detail spray guns to reach the hard to get areas. 

Stickers we currently outsource from local sign makers and also from farm, we hope to be to make our own in the coming years. 

We ship models all over the world if it's not in the list please contact us as there may be an extra charge.